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Lest We Forget, Iowa Has A Storied History Of Team Songs

Yesterday, the entire Internet was rocked in one way or another by "Hawkeye Yellow," a take on Wiz Khalifa's "Black And Yellow" that celebrates the Hawkeyes instead of the Steelers. Now, some purists might point out that of the two colors listed in "black and yellow," yellow's the one that isn't an actual Hawkeyes official color, but purists hate all rap after "Raising Hell" anyway, so the hell with 'em.

Anyway, here's the video again. It's technically SFW in that it made it onto YouTube, but you probably don't want your boss to see this over your shoulder unless you work for a very cool boss.

That's quite the thing, is it not? But at the same time, it makes a lot of sense, if you know Iowa's history.

30 years prior to the release of "Hawkeye Yellow," it was 1981, and Iowa was preparing for the 1982 Rose Bowl under Hayden Fry, a game that I'm just going to assume Iowa won because I don't much care for reality when it's inconvenient. I digress. Anyway, another gang of rapscallions, the Fabulous Fryers, decided to push the musical envelope with not one, but two groundbreaking, audacious pro-Hawkeye songs. Here's the main single.


(If this songs sound familiar, it's because we originally posted them in January 2008, but now it's on YouTube. There's also a Side B that's arguably worse.)

Hard to believe it was 30 whole years ago and they were so ahead of the game. Say, aspiring rappers who are also reading BHGP*, if you really want to set the Internet on fire, you should sample that "Hawkeye Hut-Hut" Side B and lay some rhymes on it. Take it to the next level.

Oh, you don't think these guys are hard? How about that "we're gonna put those Huskies down" line? Euthanasia jokes are edgy as hell, son. They don't make sense since ISU's the one with the veterinary program, but... okay, I'll shut up now.

*null set