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It's not plagiarism if it's got LIDS for sale!

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  • From Mas Casa, a great in-depth look with college D-line coach Phil Burnett into the X's and O's of Iowa's offense and defense.
  • The UI response to the report that Hubbard was forced out: "Both Gary Barta and coach McCaffery made their statements last week and we’re not commenting on speculation."  So it looks like that's all we're going to get on this story.  On the one hand, Iowa has probably judged the overall demand for an explanation correctly here (it's not super high), but on the other, a lack of comment serves to cement the best available rumor as fact (see Wegher, Brandon).  
  • Just a reminder that the PTL wraps up this Sunday.  Anthony Hubbard's former team made it to the finals without him, and will face off against the Gatens/Basabe/Aaron White team at 4:30 for the title of "Kings of All North Liberty."
  • If you're at all interested in learning how the particular split of Leaders and Legends came about, make sure to read Scott Dochterman's multi-part series on the negotiations.  One lesson I took from it: getting to be in the same division with Northwestern was apparently quite the plum (because of recruiting and the fact that so many alums live in Chicago).  So even if the chance to go to Ryan Field may not seem like such a thrill, be glad we landed in the division with the Wildcats.
  • Iowa offensive lineman Dan Heiar has been charged with OWI after a single vehicle accident in April.
  • The UI announces a new retail deal with the LIDS Sports Group.  LIDS will create a new store called "Herky's Locker Room" that will serve as the official retail outlet for the team.  So I guess the Hawk Shop is dead?  (BTW, I can't wait for the chance to buy a new LID at LIDS and say to friends and family, "Check out my new LID -- no, it's not a hat, nor a cap, topper, chapeau or headpiece.  It is a LID, please call it by its proper name."  I also will recommend one of my favorite childhood books, "LIDS for sale")
  • Rick Reilly with a "humorous" piece of "writing" about Nebraska's introduction to the Big Ten; Hammer and Rails with a humorous piece of writing tearing Reilly's column to shreds.
  • Indiana will return to their "traditional design" for jerseys, which apparently means that they now look just like Wisconsin. 
  • This is a little old, but Iowa released its new slate of "color" games for 2011: Gold for Pittsburgh, Black for Michigan State, and black or gold depending on section for Northwestern (i.e. the stripes effect).  Hlas has a good suggestion for another color game: "Let’s say that every fan can wear whatever he or she wants to this game, and let the chips fall where they may."
  • The Big Ten decides to give up the pre-season media poll for Big Ten favorite normally taken during the upcoming media days.  Any reporters who gather informally at media days to take a poll, tally or even record a show of hands, will, of course, be executed.
  • Not related to the Big Ten, but fascinating nonetheless.  After Texas announced plans to air Texas high-school football games on its Longhorn Network, Oklahoma and Texas A&M made significant grunting noises indicating their displeasure and willingness to bail on the Big 12 for the SEC if Texas didn't eliminate the high school broadcast (which they see as a significant recruiting advantage and a possible NCAA violation).  Texas has apparently backed down for now, but discontent seems seems to be running high in the Big 12 (minus 2).  Thank your lucky stars we play in the socialistic paradise that is the Big Ten -- seriously, can you imagine the horror of a "Buckeye Network"?