Top 3 Coaches in the B1G.

My good friend at the Lincoln Journal Star (Brian Christopherson) is the Huskers beat writer, and he was e-mailed by someone from the Columbus Dispatch asking about the Top 3 coaches in the B1G.

This is two different questions about basically the same thing.

First, who are the Top Three coaches in the Big Ten? You can use whatever criteria you want to define this. Answer this in the comments. I think success and a proven track record are both factors (but not necessarily equal), so I have:

Ferentz;  Bielema;  Paterno

I think D'Antonio and Pelini for certain, and probably Fitzgerald, Hoke and Kill, will all pass Paterno as "better coaches". If Tressel were still in the league, he'd take the place of Paterno and not Ferentz or Bielema, in my humble opinion.

The question Brian was asked, though, was "Which coach would you want to coach your team in a game this year? (list Top 3). I think this is an entirely different question, so I've included a poll to ask it. So pick the ONE COACH that you would want to coach the team this year. I would assume that Ferentz would make most, if not all, B1G lists, but will obviously make the one here. Therefore, he's not on there. Apologies to the Zooker, Hope, Lynch and the temp guy at OSU, but they aren't included either. So there's seven. Choose one.

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