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Acie Earl to star in sci-fi movie. Yes, you heard that right

Via Hardwood Paroxysm, the best news I've heard in a long time: Acie Earl will star in an independent sci-fi movie called "Moon Zero 3".  Here's the original announcement from Earl's training company website:

Coach Earl has been asked to play a sub-villian who turns out to be a hero in a space spoof movie. the movie has all the elements of other favorite space movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, battlestar Gallactica and Space odessy.

Coach Earl's character ‘Fasthorse' is a space out law who runs the shady part of the planet and who's help is sought out to find a missing crewman and destroy an alien squid shark.

And there is video!

And more video:

This is beyond excellent news.  A few questions, though: First: why have I not seen the first two Moon Zero movies?  Will I be able to follow the plot of the third installment without having seen them, or should I go back and catch up first?  Second: why was the heavy-footed Earl given a character named "Fasthorse"?  Perhaps "Sweetfade" or "Chewblocka" would have been more apt.  Third: the green screen work in these videos looks good, but is it "The Room" good?

Lastly, if I find out that this movie also features a villain named "RazorBows" to be played by Les Jepsen, I will be convinced that someone has been flipping through my idea notebooks.


This does beg the question, though: who is the greatest ex-Iowa athlete actor?  Does Earl do enough to surpass Alex Karras?