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The PTL Lifestyle, Game 6

I couldn't make it to the PTL this Sunday, so instead of a detailed rundown, here are links to some more industrious folks who did.  Apparently it was quite crowded out in North Liberty yesterday, due to the presence of the most incandescent star in the ex-Hawkeye basketball galaxy -- this guy:


Also, Roy Marble, Adam Haluska, Bobby Hansen, Greg Brunner, Jeff Horner, J.R. Angle, Cyrus Tate, Luke Recker, Steve Krafcisin and Greg Stokes were on hand, but we all know who the real draw was here: The 'Bill.  I wanted to do a little retrospective here on Wade Lookingbill's career and check my recollection that he was actually a pretty valuable player (he was also a Mr. Iowa in basketball, which I didn't know), but Iowa basketball statistics from 1991-93 are surprisingly hard to come by on the internet.  Some information age we live in.  Anyway, here are the links:

  • Scott Dochterman on the mini-reunion and the PTL games (with video).  Key quote from Adam Haluska: "Everybody knows each other really well. It’s kind of like a family when you play for Iowa basketball... It doesn’t matter if you played for Coach (Steve) Alford or Coach (Tom) Davis. It’s like a fraternity to come back and socialize and just try to strengthen Iowa basketball alumni."  Is there a name missing in that list of coaches?  Has Lickliter been disappeared from living memory?
  • Brendan Stiles goes into more detail on the games (which included Anthony Hubbard's first PTL loss (to the Zach McCabe/Ali Farokhmanesh team) at Hawkeye Drive.
  • Video highlights from Hawkeye Report.
  • Recap of the Bryce Cartwright/Gabe Olaseni team beating the Melsahn Basabe/Matt Gatens/Aaron White team from The Daily Iowan.
  • Somewhat unrelated, but here's a photo gallery of the new basketball practice facility.  I like the leather (pleather?) chairs with cup-holders in what is called the "Volleyball Theater Room" (which I assume is where the coaches retire to watch this after a hard day's work).  Also the basketball practice court complete with Big Ten and Tigerhawk logos is pretty sweet.