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Welcome To The Big Ten, Nebraska!


Hey Nebraska. Iowa here. So, you ran yourself out of the Big XII and nearly blew it up in the process, all for the privilege of joining the Big Ten instead? We like that. Shows balls. Shows moxie. You're not afraid to make an omelet by breaking eggs on the faces of your inferiors.

That said, you're in an actual conference now, so a couple things that need to be addressed right quick.

Your coach is an ass. Bo Pelini's sniveling child routine and Carl Pelini's ignorant manchild routine both might fly in the Big XII, but around here, the closest we come to sideline shenanigans is Bret Bielema running up the score, which he does a lot and he'll probably do to you. You'll also notice he doesn't scream at his players in the process.

The Big Ten is going to break Taylor Martinez. Ask Denard Robinson and his litany of unfinished games how much fun it is being a ~200 pound mobile quarterback going against Big Ten defenses. T-Magic is going to look T-Ordinary or T-Injured by Week 10. Better have your T-Backup ready by then.

We will beat you. Glad to see Nebraska landed on its feet on the rivalry front after Colorado and Oklahoma, well, "fell through." We've even got a Thanksgiving Friday set up. So now we can start acknowledging one simple fact: in the last 10 years, Iowa has had a much better football program than Nebraska. It's not even close. The Hawkeyes would have beaten Nebraska in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. This wouldn't even be a rivalry if Nebraska had joined the Big 10 a decade ago, it'd be a bloodbath. It'd have been worse than what Texas did to you guys. Hell, you'd probably be lobbying to join some other conference again. That's what your football program does, right? Run from its problems? Mm-hmm.

So welcome. Glad you could make it 12 in the conference. Prepare to be Iowa's newest little brother. We have a lot of them around here.