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Iowa Is A Bunch Of Dirty Cheaters

It's official: Iowa's been caught cheating. Read this and try not to puke into your mouth and then onto your computer and/or any friends that are nearby, because it's that horrible:

The Iowa athletics department has strengthened procedures for reviewing promotional videos after the school committed a minor NCAA violation by showing football players going through summer workouts on a team website.

Associate Athletic Director Fred Mims said Thursday employees involved in posting the material on last year were unaware that doing so would violate NCAA rules requiring summer weight-lifting and conditioning activities to be voluntary.

The rules prohibit teams from recording workouts for the purpose of telling players' coaches or teammates whether they participated. Iowa self-reported the violation last October after receiving an NCAA inquiry about it.

Iowa is now no better than Ohio State, a den of snakes and NCAA violations. Clearly this invalidates Kirk Ferentz's entire career. Clearly this ruins the 2011 season before it begins. I just hope the athletic department has the good sense to refund everyone's season tickets before it shuts down the football program until FOREVER.

Here are some more quotes from Gary Barta et al. Pretty surprised they didn't just say "CHEATING IS FUN" over and over. So mad right now. >:-(