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In Honor Of Memorial Day



Nile Kinnick was not the only greatest (and most famous) Iowa football player of all-time, he was also a man who died serving his country.  We honor his accomplishments on the gridiron almost every day of the year, so we really ought to take today* and remember his sacrifice -- as well as the sacrifices made by millions of other Americans over the years -- to protect our freedoms and way of life.  It's because of them that we're able to spend time kibitzing on the interwebs about all kinds of (mostly dumb) topics.  So, please, even as we wallow in Sweatervest schadenfreude, remember to take a few moments this Memorial Day to be thankful for the sacrifices they've made on our behalf.  Regular service will resume tomorrow.

* Well, no, we really ought to spend more than a day or two celebrating and honoring the millions who have died defending America and its freedoms, but at the very least we should take some time on the days designated for remembrance to actually remember their accomplishments and sacrifices -- and thank them for giving their lives.