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As TMZ reported this morning, and as you've all doubtlessly heard from a loved one by now, Randy "Macho Man" Savage (n é Poffo) suffered a heart attack while driving and died in the resultant car crash. His wife of one year, Lynn, was a passenger in the car and survived the crash with minor injuries. He was just 58.

We at BHGP are completely distraught by this news. We say that without irony or a smirk. Pro wrestling has obviously been a substantial influence on how we watched sports and TV as a whole,  and as entertainers go, few could ever match up to the Macho Man. As an overall wrestler, he's in the Top 5 in pro wrestling history; on the mic, he's Top 3. He was truly great as a hero and as a heel, and few men can ever make that claim. The fact that Savage died before making the WWE Hall of Fame is a wonderful tribute to the petty bullshit that consumes Vince McMahon's approach to his business and wrestling fans.  

So please, mourn with us, and let's celebrate the man's life by looking at some memorable moments in his career. RIP, Macho, and drop a massive elbow off the top rope on Jesus for us. He'll appreciate it.

Macho Man's first TV appearance ever. "DON'T TELL ME NOTHIN', MAN!":

Macho Man beats Tito Santana by pulling a foreign object from his dick area:

Macho Man cuts a perfect 30-second promo against Ricky Steamboat:

Macho Man and Hulk Hogan form the Super Powers:

"You got jealous eyes, man! You're looking at me with jealous eyes!"

Macho Man and Sherri and Deebo I mean Zeus threaten Hulk in the steel cage:

The Mega Powers are back and fucking crazy:

Macho Man in 2010, selling a Macho Man doll at Comic-Con:

God, the world is going to suck without him.