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Wonder why Ricky Stanzi didn't get taken during the first two days of the draft? It's not because he wasn't good enough--we all know that's not true--but because if he were taken on Thursday or Friday, people would have tried to interview him ASAP, and well, Ricky had a little secret something to do this weekend.

Now, Tyler Sash did beat us to that joke, so we're not about to take credit for it or anything, but as long as we at BHGP live in an alternate universe where Ricky Stanzi and J Leman travel around the world and kill terrorists, well, tonight's news about Osama Bin Laden getting his face shot in during NFL Draft weekend seems appropriate.

So you know what? We're going to throw caution to the wind and leave a thread open for celebrations and mirth. We would like to remind everybody that political discussions are still dangerous ground here, so if you can't make a statement about such a great day for the United States without putting down a wide swath of fellow Americans, we'd rather you didn't make such a statement at all. "Congratulations to President Obama" is great, "Congratulations to President Obama and fuck the Republicans" is not so great. We have a rare community that is both passionate and not hurtful, so let's hope the comments tonight reflect that. I think they will.