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To Catch A Predator, Part Two


Stone_phillips_medium Good evening. I'm Stone Phillips, with Dateline NBC.

Stone_phillips_medium Yesterday, we brought you the harrowing tale of Danny Hope, a 52-year-old teacher of football, who tried to recruit our 15-year-old decoy, "Brian Allen."

Stone_phillips_medium There are more targets of this investigation, however, and here's Chris Hansen with To Catch A Predator with more.

Chris_hansen_medium You've seen our investigations of child predators before, but never quite like this.
Chris_hansen_medium Never before have we caught so many creepy predators.
Chris_hansen_medium Never before have the predators we caught been so famous.
Chris_hansen_medium After our last operation, our friends at Perverted Justice decided we needed a slightly different scenario to avoid potential predators discovering our operation.  
Chris_hansen_medium So here is what they did: They created a fifteen year-old football recruit named "Brian Allen."  Brian is supposed to be a 6'1" 250 pound offensive lineman.  He's actually being played by one of our Perverted Justice decoys.  To make him as tempting as possible to predators, we gave him a scholarship offer from Iowa.  Our decoy made a couple of posts on Rivals message boards to see who would respond.

Chris_hansen_medium Our next predator is a man named Bret Bielema, from Madison, Wisconsin.

Chris_hansen_medium He goes by  the screen name "you_look_good_bb," and he seemed to be particularly interested in our decoy recruit.

Chris_hansen_medium Here's just part of his disturbing conversation with our decoy.

"do u play vrsity yet"
"nope, just freshman fb"
"oh man, just a freshman, i bet there's barely any grass on that field"
"r u still talking about fb"
"maybe ;-)"

Chris_hansen_medium He also asked if our decoy wanted to "jump around for a few minutes on the weekend," and asked if our decoy wanted to see his tattoo, before sending him the following picture.


Chris_hansen_medium After just three hours of chatting with who he thought was a 15-year-old recruit, Bielema was on the road and ready to meet our decoy. Our crew and NCAA compliance officers were here at the house, waiting.

Iconbielema_medium /drives up in bright red Chevy Avalanche, one of those asshole trucks that tries to be an SUV and pickup truck at the same time because who knows why

Brian_allen_icon_medium Hey, come on in!

Iconbielema_medium Whoo!

Brian_allen_icon_medium I made some lemonade, you should try it, it's really good!

Iconbielema_medium No thanks, got my own stuff.

Brian_allen_icon_medium K, I'm just gonna dry my hair, I just got out of the shower, I'll be there in a minute.

Chris_hansen_medium You are quite the piece of work, Mr. Bielema.

Iconbielema_medium Oh, thank you. You must be Mr. Allen. Your son is--

Chris_hansen_medium Why do you think that?

Iconbielema_medium Well, I just... who are you, then?

Chris_hansen_medium We'll get to that in a minute.

Iconbielema_medium You NCAA?

Chris_hansen_medium I am not. Let's just talk about you and Brian for a second. Just have a seat right there.


Chris_hansen_medium How old did Brian tell you he was?

Iconbielema_medium He didn't say.

Chris_hansen_medium Didn't say?!

Iconbielema_medium Didn't say.

Chris_hansen_medium Well, I've got the transcript right here, and it sure looks like he told you he was just 15.

Chris_hansen_medium And it sure looks like you were excited to see that he was just a freshman.

Iconbielema_medium I shoulda known this was [BLEEP]. I shoulda known Iowa wouldn't offer a 15-year-old.

Chris_hansen_medium Yes, let's talk about Iowa. You told Brian, "I wasn't going to contact you, but I saw you had an Iowa offer and I just had to have you."

Iconbielema_medium Yessir.

Chris_hansen_medium "Had to have you"? This is a 15-year-old boy.

Iconbielema_medium See, but if he says Iowa offered him, then--

Chris_hansen_medium What is the deal with Iowa, Bret?

Iconbielema_medium I just like how rough and tough they are, they fit my idea of how I want my boys to play.

Chris_hansen_medium So this jumping around, what's that about? I have to tell you, it sounds pretty suggestive, Bret.

Iconbielema_medium It's just something our students do before the fourth quarter of our home football games.

Chris_hansen_medium "Just something they do."

Iconbielema_medium Yessir.

Chris_hansen_medium So if college kids do it, a 15-year-old boy should too?

Iconbielema_medium No, I... I didn't say that.

Chris_hansen_medium Now, you even went so far as to offer Brian alcohol and company of women if he comes to Wisconsin!

Iconbielema_medium And?

Chris_hansen_medium You offer that to every 15-year-old boy, Bret?

Iconbielema_medium No, of course not, I just wanted Brian to know what kind of special treatment he would get with me.

Chris_hansen_medium "Special treatment"?

Iconbielema_medium You said you weren't NCAA.

Chris_hansen_medium I'm not.

Iconbielema_medium Who are you?

Chris_hansen_medium In a minute.

Chris_hansen_medium Let's talk about the alcohol, Bret. You somehow brought nine cases of Bud Light with you today. That is 216 cans of beer. What were you planning on doing here?

Iconbielema_medium This is all for me.

Chris_hansen_medium All for... oh, right, you're from Wisconsin. I actually believe you on that one. OK. And the sex with women you offered to Brian? This picture of the "hottest coed in Wisconsin"?


Iconbielema_medium That's Tabetha. She's DTF. It's cool.

Chris_hansen_medium I assume that's what the alcohol is for, to get Brian in bed with someone like this.

Iconbielema_medium Maybe, yeah.

Chris_hansen_medium So lemme ask you this, Bret. What if we weren't here? What if Brian was here all by himself? What were you going to do?

Iconbielema_medium I was going to... just talk to him and tell him that there are a lot of unscrupulous coaches out there, so he should be careful.

Chris_hansen_medium Bret.

Iconbielema_medium It's true!

Chris_hansen_medium Let's tell the truth, now. You told him you want him, you brought the beer, I'm guessing you're carrying condoms...

Iconbielema_medium /shrugs

Iconbielema_medium I always carry condoms.

Chris_hansen_medium So if we weren't here, Bret...

Chris_hansen_medium were going to try to recruit him, weren't you?

Iconbielema_medium Look, you don't know how hard it is for coaches today. We have to start talking to these kids when they're younger and younger, or else they won't even acknowledge our existence anymore, and then that means we're too old and we're out of a job.

Chris_hansen_medium I see. Well, there's something I need to tell you. I'm Chris Hansen, with Dateline NBC, and I'm doing a piece for Dateline NBC on online predators like you. So unless you have something else to say to our cameras, you're free to go.

Iconbielema_medium Fine. NBC? You listening? Here you go. Caring about recruiting is creepy. I'm out.

Iconbielema_medium /leaves

Chris_hansen_medium [voiceover] Little does Bret know that our NCAA compliance officers are in position outside.


Swat_team_icon_medium FREEZE! Compliance officers! Down on the ground!

Iconbielema_medium He said he wasn't NCAA!

Swat_team_icon_medium Down on the ground!

Iconbielema_medium This is bullshit!

Swat_team_icon_medium /fires NCAA secondary violation taser

Iconbielema_medium Ha, that tickles. Is that supposed to hurt?

Swat_team_icon_medium Wait, our secondary violation penalties don't hurt?

Iconbielema_medium Ummm

Iconbielema_medium I mean

Iconbielema_medium OWWWWWW oh god I'll never do this again what severe and blinding pain you're causing me, you courageous compliance officers

Swat_team_icon_medium Yeah, awesome!

Chris_hansen_medium When we return, our most violent-tempered target barks at our compliance officers, then bites off more than he can chew.