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BHGP Tournament Challenge Final Results

 The NCAA Tournament came to a screeching halt last Monday as did the BHGP Bracket Challenge.  It was a spectacularly unpredictable tournament, full of upsets and head-scratching results, which was certainly reflected in the scores of the bracket participants.  If you picked Kemba and the Fighin' Kembas to win it all, good news: you finished high in the final standings (the top five finalists all tabbed UConn to win it all).  If you picked someone else, sorry: you were wrong and you did not win.  You are a loser.  (It's OK, all of the so-called BHGP braintrust falls in this category, too.)

Of those five fortunate UConn selectors, two finished with the exact same score (1080).  Since the tiebreakers were not particularly helpful in breaking this tie, we just threw up our hands and declared dual winners.  So sparky10525 and Paki-mon: congrats and contact Adam or Patrick (their emails are at the bottom of the page) to claim your prize.  In case you're curious, here's the final top ten (or twelve, really, but who's counting):


(click for embiggened version)

Full standings here.  Congrats again to the winners; see you again next year, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.