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Tyler Sash Is Not Too Sexy For Your Nice Clothes

If you had told us that an Iowa player had gone out to NYC and gotten all decked out in dapper clothes for a photo shoot for ESPN the Magazine, well... Tyler Sash wouldn't have been our first guess.  Also probably not our second, third, fourth, fifth, or -- you get the picture.  Tyler MF'n Sash was many things in his four years at Iowa, but "fashion plate" was not one of them.  But, hey, when ESPN invites a bunch of projected mid-round draft picks to come out to NYC to get a taste of what the first round guys get to experience... well, why wouldn't you say yes?

The article is running in the copy of the magazine that hits stands this week, although FOTP Mas Casa has a sneak peek over yonder.  ESPN also put out a video documenting the adventures of Sash, Casey Matthews (Oregon LB, brother of leading NFL terrormonster Clay Matthews), Rashad Carmichael (Virgina Tech DB), Jeremy Kerley (TCU WR), and some other dudes.   The highlight is probably Tyler Sash looking like the goddamn Marlboro Man.  You can check it out below:


 (via ESPN)