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And so we reach the end of the road; only four more lightning-fast rounds (relatively speaking, at least; it's still going to take another 5-6 hours) to go before the NFL Draft once again retreats into hibernation for another year.  Despite all the absurdities, annoyances, and excesses that have become part and parcel with the draft these days, we'll... kind of miss it.  

In any event, we're still watching to see where Iowa guys get drafted; yesterday was a shutout in that regard, but today figures to be more promising.  The fourth round, in particular, could see a few Iowa guys jump off the board -- Ballard and Stanzi are near the top of almost everyone's "best available" lists.  We might also see Tyler Sash creep into the mix this round.  Beyond that, who knows.  The fun starts at 11am CDT on ESPN and NFL Network; there's also a stream on  The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no slurs, no religion, no politics, no illegal online streams, etc.  Just behave, alright?