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The NFL Draft, that three-day dog and pony show that we love dearly, despite its many many flaws, heads into the second and third rounds this evening.  Most of the big-name players are off the board by now (except poor Da'Quan Bowers, whose potentially exploding knees has sent his draft stock into utter freefall), but there's still plenty of quality to be had.  Roger Goodell probably won't be around to get booed again (sigh), but I'm sure the NFL will have a few tricks up their sleeves to liven up the proceedings and make us all ignore the labor drama.

As always, we're primarily watching to see where the Iowa guys get selected; last night we were happy to see Adrian Clayborn get snapped up at #20 by the Bucs.  We're not really sure which Iowa guys might go tonight -- Christian Ballard seems like the most likely option, but given the run we've seen on QBs, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Americanzi get snatched up by some freedom-loving organization tonight.  Or we could see a more out of the blue pick, too -- no one expected Pat Angerer to go as early as he did last year (late 2nd round), so who knows.  Regardless, we'll still be staring dumbfounded at the crazy picks (like Christian PLOLnder) and doing our best to avoid the Berman-isms or being hypnotized into killing the president by Kiper's crazy hair. 

Anyway, the fun starts at 5pm CDT on ESPN and NFL Network.  The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no illegal online streams, no religion, no politics, no slurs, etc.  You know the drill, campers.