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At last, it's time for our favorite non-event event of the season, the NFL Draft!  Please ignore the smoldering labor fires behind the curtain and, for the love of god, don't laugh if Roger Goodell has a nervous breakdown on stage at Radio City Music Hall tonight.  It's not polite, you know.

Anyway, we're watching mainly to see where Iowa guys get drafted (Adrian Clayborn is seemingly the only guy with a good chance of getting selected tonight), but we're also here to mock the crazy picks (although we should keep in mind that the Raiders have no first-round pick this year, which decreses the chances for insanity), raise our eyebrows at the fashion choices of 22-year old soon-to-be-multi-millionaires, and gnash our teeth at a night full of Berman-isms.  Or we could just watch the NFL Network's coverage and avoid the Berman blight altogether.  The festivities start at 7pm CDT on ESPN and NFN.  The usual rules of open threading apply: no politics, no porn, no illegal online streams, no slurs, etc.  Be nice.