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NCAA Tournament: Final Four Open Thread


* early game: #8 Butler vs. #11 VCU
* late game: #3 UConn vs. #4 Kentucky

I believe Nantz, Kellogg, and Steve Kerr are on the call for both games.  Because CBS does not love us enough to give us GUS.

So it's come to this: one side has the two plucky underdogs, the two lovable Cinderella teams, the two best stories of the NCAA Tournament.  The other side has the two blueblood programs, the two teams embroiled in scandals, the two teams who underachieved for much of the year before getting red-hot about three weeks ago.  UConn has Kemba (Walker) and Kentucky has (Brandon) Knight, while Butler and VCU have a cast of heroes that changes nearly every game.  But, hey, of course you're going to watch: the alternative is baseball (shudder).  Games start around 5pm CST on CBS.

The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no illegal online streams, no slurs, no religion, no politics, etc.  Game on.