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POLL: We're Talkin' Potential New Iowa Sports!

Now just imagine this in black and gold...  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Now just imagine this in black and gold... (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Given last week's discussion about the (near-inevitable) addition of hockey as an official Big Ten sport, I was curious to see what sports people would like to see at Iowa. The span of time between the end of wrestling and basketball in March and the beginning of football in August is a long and painful slog; adding some of these sports might give us something else to talk about in the interim. For the purposes of this question, consider concerns about fiscal feasibility and Title IX compliance to be irrelevant. This is just about which sports you would like to see Iowa play at a varsity level.

A few suggestions:

* Hockey; There's certainly interest here, given the excellent discussion generated by the FanPost last week. Iowa already has a club team and is home to roughly a zillion USHL teams, making us an unlikely (minor) hotbed of hockey activity.

* Soccer; Regular readers know the proprietors of the Pants are very fond of fútbol; a real Iowa team would give us even more excuses to write about it or to espouse radical ideas like "why the Big Ten should relegate justNorthwestern and promote Akron."

* Lacrosse; Sticks! Balls! Violence! A way for Iowa to tap into the east coast prep school douchebag market!

* Rugby; Iowa also has a rugby club team; for reasons that elude me, I actually attended one of their games when I was an undergrad. It was not particularly exciting, but the more high-quality rugby seen on television is evidence that it doesn't have to be boring. Also: more violence!

* Cricket; it's insanely popular in pretty much every former British colony but America, and would give us another outlet for our rampant anglophilia. It would give us a chance to say "sticky wicket" a lot more. It's like baseball if baseball was played in sweaters and slacks, involved tea breaks, and had a host of wildly different rules. But otherwise: totally the same.

* Jai alai; it's the sport of the future! No, really! Balls! Speed! Wicker baskets! Speed! Mad Men! SPEEEED!

* Bobsled; Hey, if the Jamaicans can do it...