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NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Elite Eight Sunday Action

* 1:10pm; CBS; #1 Kansas vs. #11 VCU; Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
* 3:55pm; CBS; #2 North Carolina vs. #4 Kentucky; Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg

Kansas' rose-petal caked walk to the Final Four continues with their second-straight game against a double-digit seed (and their third in four tourney games).  It's also their second-straight chance to rip out the hearts of the fans from the 804 after they pantsed Richmond on Friday night.  As unabashed fans of utter chaos, we're hoping Shaka Smart has a few more tricks up his sleeve... but we're kinda expecting another Kansas rout.  So it goes.  The other game features no such plucky underdog; instead you've got two of the winningest teams in the history of the sport battling for yet another trip to the Final Four.  Feel free to root for whichever Goliath tickles your fancy.

The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no illegal online streams, no slurs, etc.  Ride the chillwaves, bros.