Hockey at Iowa

I'll admit to having little to no knowledge of hockey's finer points, but the decision to add hockey to the B1G has piqued my interest. This started as a simple question on Twitter, but a short exchange with FotP WhiteSpeedReceiver made me even more curious.

If Iowa were to begin a hockey program, would there be any support from the locals? Say they share an arena with the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, would you make the short trip to attend a game? Using football and basketball money to support another low-revenue seems less than ideal, but couldn't some of that expense be offset by revenue sharing from the BTN?

I guess the purpose of the post is just to give us something to discuss during the doldrums of the off-season. I think attending an Iowa hockey game would be a blast, especially if it wasn't played at Coral Ridge Mall. What say you?

UPDATE: I realized after posting that simply asking if you'd support the team doesn't really spark any discussion. So, in addition to the question about whether you'd consider attending a Hawkeye hockey game, what do you think needs to happen to actually convince Bloodpunch to start a D1 hockey program in Iowa City? If Title IX is an issue, would a women's hockey team be worth considering?

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