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NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Thursday Afternoon Action

11:15, Tampa -- (5) West Virginia vs. (12) Clemson (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel) (CBS)
11:40, Wash. D.C. -- (8) Butler vs. (9) Old Dominion (Tim Brando/Mike Gminski) (truTV)
12:40, Denver -- (4) Louisville vs. (13) Morehead St. (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery) (TBS)
1:10, Tucson -- (7) Temple vs. (10) Penn St. (Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner) (TNT)

1:45, Tampa -- (4) Kentucky vs. (13) Princeton (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel) (CBS)
2:10, Wash. D.C. -- (1) Pittsburgh vs. (16) Asheville(Tim Brando/Mike Gminski) (truTV)
3:10, Denver -- (5) Vanderbilt vs. (12) Richmond (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery) (TBS)
3:40, Tucson -- (2) San Diego St. vs. (15) Northern Colorado (Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner) (TNT)

Alright, the wrestling action is over (until this evening), which means we can devote our full attention to the hoopyball action for the remainder of the afternoon.  The early games are just finishing up and the next set is getting ready to tip off.  We'll be focusing mostly on Temple-PSU, unless it turns into the sort of unwatchable gimp fight that last week's Wisconsin-Penn State game was.  We value our eyes too much to subject them to that dreck.  Second on the priority list is Vandy-Richmond, the upset pick du jour this year.

Rounding out the action is three games that could be ugly.  History (not to mention apparent talent levels) is strongly against Asheville and Northern Colorado mounting much of a fight against Pitt and San Diego State.  Kentucky-Princeton is your classic hoops royalty/shysters versus Ivy League eggheads match-up; our heart is with the plucky little guys who will be earning $100K salaries in a few years, but odds are Kentucky will run them out of the gym. But you never know; that's WHY YOU PLAY THE GAME.  /Herm'd

Usual rules of open threading apply.