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In a room with no lights, a man watches a television screen...

Silhouetteicon_medium I had him at the end.  Had him dead to rights.
Silhouetteicon_medium I could have stopped him, stopped them, stopped the wake of terror that follows them wherever they go.
Silhouetteicon_medium [Rewinds, watches clip again]
Silhouetteicon_medium If I had just gotten one good break, I'd have ended him there.

Silhouetteicon_medium I wasn't fast enough, though.  Wasn't quick enough.  Wasn't strong enough.
Silhouetteicon_medium And so I had to stand by, frozen in a fury masquerading as indifference, my rage making me yawn like a nervous child, as he wrapped himself in a flag of accolades and basked in the glory, all provided by his mindless adoring throngs.
Silhouetteicon_medium [Rewinds, watches clip again]
Silhouetteicon_medium I still have a chance, and I won't make the same mistake this time.  I've worked hard.  I'm faster.  I'm stronger.  I'm better. I've watched him on television all month.  I've seen him in action.  And I know this in my heart: I'm faster than him now, both physically and mentally.  He won't beat me on pure talent this time.  He'll need to be smarter to win, and this time he's not.
Silhouetteicon_medium I'm going to lure him where I want him, then expose him for what he really is.  Those sycophants, those disciples, will leave him behind when they know what I know.  When they know just what kind of man they have made their king.
Silhouetteicon_medium [Rewinds, watches clip again]
Silhouetteicon_medium This is bigger than me.  This is for the future of the program.  Hell, it's for the future of the game itself. 
Silhouetteicon_medium If I am eliminated, so be it.  But I can't keep living with this shame.
Silhouetteicon_medium I'll remove that halo.  I'll bury him figuratively before I do it literally.  Or I'll die trying.
Silhouetteicon_medium It begins now.