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SUPER SATURDAY OPEN THREAD: Iowa vs. Indiana Hoops, plus bonus DJK action

It's the Saturday before our holiest sports day of the year and the sporting gods have seen fit to bless us with multiple things worth watching. Our Saturday afternoon delight begins with the Texas vs. the Nation college football all-star game, which features DJK and Jeremiha Hunter. DJK has been a standout performer in practice this week; hopefully that means he's able to put one last show in a college uniform before the NFL Draft. Unfortunately, he won't be putting on said show in an Iowa helmet (he'll be wearing a Utah helmet adorned with -- ugh -- Buckeye helmet stickers), but no matter what lid is on his head, he'll always be one of our favorite Hawkeyes. Knock 'em dead, DJK. Game's at 1pm CST on CBS College Sports.

The second Saturday sporting spectacle for our viewing pleasure is a rare Saturday conference game for the Iowa hoopyballers. Fresh off their stunning 20-point win over Sparty on Wednesday, they're taking on the only other team they've bested in conference play: Indiana. A month or so ago this seemed like Iowa's best shot of stealing a conference road game, but that was before Indiana won three straight home games, which includes a pair of wins against ranked opponents (Illinois and Minnesota). A win would be Iowa's first Big Ten road win since, well, the Indiana game last year (a 58-43 win; Lickball FTW) and their first Big Ten winning streak since February 2007. Yes, Fran could accomplish something Lickliter never did at Iowa: win back-to-back conference games. Ouch. Game's at 3pm CST on ESPN2.

Aside from those games, there's also a loaded UFC card tonight and a bunch of other basketball games involving lesser teams. The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no piracy, no slurs, and no penny-dreadfuls. We prefer serious literature here, sirs and madams. (This is a lie.)