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Let's Talk Presidents Day: Leman/Stanzi 2012

As we celebrate Presidents Day (by, er, watching buckets of snow fall from the sky -- I HATE YOU WINTER, I HATE YOU SO GODDAMN MUCH), it's important not to just look back and reflect on presidents of the past or to make silly comparisons between former players and former presidents ("Bob Sanders was like William Henry Harrison -- they were both really short and had very brief careers at the highest professional levels" or "Matt Roth was like Teddy Roosevelt -- pugnacious to a fault, controversial, and just as happy to rip your arm off and club you with it as shake your hand"), but to look forward and embrace the future.  And let us remind you that the future is Leman/Stanzi 2012:

 So by all means, celebrate the lives and accomplishments of the forty-four men who have held the title "President of the United States."  Just be prepared to get swept up in the rising tide of incredibly patriotic (and soundbite-ready) LEMANSTANZIMANIA come 2012.


Herky's already onboard.  Don't fight it, America.  Just embrace it.

(Ed. Note: Please don't use this as an opportunity to get political in the comments.)