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SNOWTERDAMMERUNG BE DAMNED: Iowa vs. Michigan State Hoopyball Open Thread

RIP, White Stripes.

There is snow. There is lots and lots and lots of snow. There is also basketball to be played (badly) in front of lots and lots a few fans. Iowa's trying to lure students to this game with the promise of free tickets, $1 hot dogs, and free pop, which might have worked if students didn't need snowshoes to get to the game. What we're saying is: expect to see even fewer people in the stands than usual tonight. And if you're at the game and a polar bear happens to sit down next to you, don't make eye contact: they can sense fear. Anyway, the only thing preventing Sparty from entering this game on a four-game losing streak is a slim OT win over Indiana last Sunday, so they're not exactly playing great basketball right now. Which is excellent news for Iowa, since we're never playing great basketball.

The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no piracy, no slurs, and no Pleistocene chatter. We really hate that epoch. Game's on BTN at 7:30pm CST.