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So it's Iowa's blerzillionth Sunday game in a row, and hated rival Minnesota comes to town. Iowa's looking to bounce back from this week's heartbreaking 62-59 overtime loss to Wisconsin, while the Gophers are just trying to stop sucking bags of ass; Goldy has dropped four straight and a once-sure NCAA berth is looking a little bit shaky.

It's hard to put a finger on which team "needs" this game more; obviously, a loss to Iowa would be rough on Minnesota's tournament resume (though as Iowa improves, it won't look as bad--the Hawkeyes are already in the KenPom top 75), so for NCAA purposes, yes, Minnesota is in a greater position of need.

At the same time, though, Iowa's got to avoid falling back into the rut of giving up 80+ points and/or losing by double digits in conference games, and Minnesota's precisely the type of team that can do that. They're BIG up front (conversely, Iowa is not), can dominate the offensive glass (conversely, Iowa is an average defensive rebounding team), and have the horses to run with whatever pace Fran McCaffery wants for 40 minutes.

All of which is to say, this is not a favorable matchup, and despite projections that have this game nearly even (53% win probability for Iowa here), the Gophers could run Iowa right out of Carver. Eric May has got to put a full game together, and Bryce Cartwright needs to be ready for 40 high-stress minutes. Otherwise, look out.

That all said, here's the gamethread. Same old rules apply (not that we've been have a problem with any of them recently) , so keep it legal and let's have some fun and hope for a win.