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George Wine
George Wine

George Wine is a former University of Iowa Sports Information Director, a contributor to HawkeyeSports dot com, and a fan of a good pair of Dockers slacks. He's also a Harris Poll voter who ranked Houston #5 on his final ballot, ahead of Oklahoma State (when asked why, he said the Cowboys' defeat at Iowa State was "a very bad loss"). We invited him to give us his thoughts on college football, the BCS, and modern life.

Iowa has drawn Oklahoma for its bowl game. Should be a great matchup. Obviously, the key to victory for Iowa will be stopping the Sooners' option running game. On offense, the Hawkeyes will have to stay away from Brian Bosworth. I might not agree with his style, but there's no denying that kid controls the field. Barry Switzer will have his team ready to play. Top notch coach, top notch guy. Will make for an excellent game.

I wonder if this is the first time that two coaches with Z's in their last name will coach against each other?

Getting a lot of response to my last ballot. I don't understand what the fuss is about. If you ask me, the Houston Oilers are one of the best football teams in the country. Never thought the Oilers would find a quarterback that could top Kenny Stabler, but this Warren Moon is the real deal. I'd say the run and shoot offense is here to stay.

As for all this uproar over Oklahoma State, how could a team that lost to Iowa State play for a national championship? It's a bad loss, people. Iowa hasn't lost to ISU in more than 30 years, and I don't see anyone clamoring for the Hawkeyes as national champions. Beating ISU can only get you to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma these days, but finishing third in the Big 8 is supposed to earn you a national championship? Give me a break!

If there's a Big 8 team that should be playing for a national championship, it's Nebraska. Not only did they play their conference slate, but they also scheduled Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio State in the non-conference. Not your typical Tom Osborne schedule, and they should be rewarded for it. Colorado, too. I turned on my TV the other morning, and the Buffaloes were playing Washington. That was the second or third Pac-10 team I've caught them playing this season. It's why I ranked them 24th. Even though their record isn't good, Colorado is playing all comers, and Bill McCartney does it the right way.

Just did a bit of research, and you won't believe it, but Bill McCartney and Dan McCarney aren't related. Thanks for the info, Phil Haddy! Your research department is the best, sir!

Speaking of Big Ten-heavy schedules, you really have to hand it to Joe Paterno. They reload that defense every year, and even though they're playing more and more Big Ten teams every year, they still find a way to win. It's all about continuity in the coaching staff. You can't cover up for deficiencies in coaching, and Joe knows it better than anyone.

Anyone else that the newspaper is getting thinner? When did that happen? Give me a break!

I had Alabama and upstart LSU at the top of my poll, and rounded out my top five with Michigan, the Oilers, and West Des Moines Valley High. Going 14-0 and winning the Iowa state championship makes them at least as good as Iowa State. If Oklahoma State wants respect, maybe they should start scheduling Valley!

Had lunch yesterday with my friend Ron Maly yesterday, and I have to agree with him that it's perfectly OK to spread gossip and bad news about Gannett writers and their families under the guise of a news report. That's the price those guys pay for keeping their jobs when their corporate newspaper throws out decent people like Ron. Beyond that, it's just good reporting. You want to have a private life? Don't work for Gannett!

Well, I'd better wrap it up. Plenty of football to watch this weekend. Should be good. Go Hawks!