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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Insight Practice Updates

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For twenty minutes the media was allowed into Iowa Football's Bowl practices yesterday. Here is a recap of some tweets by Marc Morehouse and the DI's Jordan Garretson:

Both Morehouse and Garretson put together recaps for their publishers. Morehouse has player video to go with his "quick slants." Garretson expands upon his tweets and has quotes from Prater. Prater had been rumored to have visited the hospital in Phoenix, perhaps for dehydration. Jordan Bernstine says, "We just have to make sure everybody's hydrated."

Former Hawkeye Sean Considine visited Hawkeye practice yesterday and told media members he'd fully support Phil Parker for Iowa's next defensive coordinator. Considine credits Parker's teaching as the reason he played seven years in the NFL. Per Considine,
I'm as loyal a guy as there ever was," Considine said. "And I think I get that from coach Ferentz. Just look at how he's treated those guys since they've been here and the loyalty that you see in this program. I'm loyal to coach Parker. He taught me the game of football.
For Norm Parker, Pat Harty writes, Mission Accomplished. Norm said he wanted Iowa "to be (my last coaching job)." Before it's truly "mission accomplished, " Parker has one more chance at a coaching masterpiece. He says "playing Oklahoma is a thrill." Norm adds,
I've never played against Oklahoma before. As a kid I've always admired Oklahoma; I've always thought Bob Stoops was a classy guy. We're going to play a great team with a great coach -- it's fun. It's a challenge, but I've always admired Oklahoma football.
Parker compared OU's Landry to Tom Brady but with injuries at wide receiver I doubt OU has a Wes Welker, or better, a Rob Gronkowski. The Sooners are down to just four scholarship wide receivers for the Bowl. Despite the thin numbers OU isn't panicking.

The Sooner defense has had its struggles this season. The inconsistent defense has been under the microscope in Norman. The defensive unit calls themselves the "sharks" and will continue to use that label. Sharks = water right? Whatever.

Hoops. Tonight, the Hawkeye men's basketball team will open up Big Ten conference play with Purdue. Iowa has won three games in a row and defeated Purdue in the regular season finale last year. Devyn Marble is listed as the starting point guard, Zach McCabe still at center.

It's show-time. No more cupcakes. The Hawkeyes will face Purdue followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan. All over the next two weeks. For Iowa to finish the season at .500 they will have to finish 8-10 in Big Ten play.

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That's it. Short and sweet. Lot's of bullets, so many bullets. I''ll update the comment section if anything emerges over the next 24 hours. After that it's off to Phoenix. Have a Happy New Year and let's go Hawks!