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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Mika'il McCall Searching For Another School?

According to Morehouse,


There was a McCall status update on his personal Facebook page that said he was looking for another school. That update has since been deleted. McCall is not with the team in Tempe as they prepare to face Oklahoma Friday in the Bowl. He has been suspended since November 22nd.

The Hawkeyes arrived in Phoenix last Thursday night. Ferentz spoke briefly and wouldn't discuss Coker's suspension. He did say that they were ready to go running back by committee and everyone is healthy and practicing well. Ferentz also said he wished former defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski the best.

Kaczenski had his own things to say about Iowa and his new employer Nebraska. According to Kaczenski,

"It obviously helps when you walk into those high schools and you have the ‘N' on your chest. I'm looking forward to that. That'll be the first time in my career you're walking into high schools with a name-brand on your chest. I'm very excited about that."

Kaczenski also said he'd be with Nebraska for their bowl game but how much he coaches still isn't clear.

The Sooners landed in Phoenix last night. Unlike last season, Stoops says, "we have a whole collection of Iowa gear we had to leave home this week." For more on Stoops and an interview about his time in Iowa City click here.

According to Stoops, "I believe our team is really getting prepared well for this." The Sooners will begin practices today in Phoenix, three days behind the Hawkeyes. The players are saying the right things. They want to get 2012 off the a good start. They also want to get that 10th win. Again, according to Stoops, "you want it. It's kinda of what you're built for, to keep going after one more. This is no different."

Hawkeye men's basketball opens Big Ten play Wednesday night against Purdue. The Boilermakers are heading to Carver with a 10-3 record and revenge on their minds. The last time Purdue played at Carver the game ended with Hawkeye fans rushing the court.

Iowa sits at 8-5 and #127 at Pudue is ranked #22. The Big Ten is one of the strongest conferences in the rankings. Wisconsin holds down the #1 rating, Ohio State #2. Indiana, along with Purdue, are both ranked in the Top 25.

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