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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Coker, Kaczenski and Ferentz

Marcus Coker might have been the last guy you'd think would be suspended. The news of his suspension is surprising. After all, he was twice named Maryland's Gentleman of the Year. The local media is scurrying to find some answers.

Marc Morehouse grabbed a quote from Gary Barta at the Iowa women's basketball game. Barta said,

I can't say anything beyond what was in the release

Barta also noted Iowa's decision to suspend Coker came from the athletic department and not Ferentz. Morehouse contacted Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness and "her office isn't investigating anything involving Coker." Whatever Marcus did, it happened recently. Coker can be seen practicing with the team in Iowa's release of bowl practice pics from December 18th.

More than one blog is citing unknown sources claiming Coker's suspension is for academics. Poor grades do fall under the athletic code of conduct. Some form of cheating is too.

KCJJ is reporting something different. Per KCJJ,

One law enforcement agent told KCJJ that the issue is legal in nature, while another said that their superiors have been "unusually tight-lipped" about the situation.


and multiple sources have told KCJJ that the suspension involves a legal investigation

Ferentz has a call-in show tonight, maybe we'll get some answers (pffft).

With Marcus Coker suspended, Mike Hlas looks at who's left. It's Jordan Canzeri, Damon Bullock, Jason White and De'Andre Johnson. Hlas didn't mention Brad Rogers but he's there too.

Rick Kaczenski left Iowa for presumably Nebraska. The announcement of Kaz to the Nebraska staff appears to waiting on the announcement of a new defensive coordinator. Kaczenski may have left for the money. He was the lowest paid assistant on Iowa's staff and may see a raise heading West. At least one recruit, Daumantas Venkcus, is upset by the news.

One coach that isn't leaving? Kirk Ferentz.

Iowa issued a press release at 9:55 pm (CT) last night informing the masses of Ferentz reaffirming his commitment to Iowa. The timing is odd but it's possible that the staff is getting feedback on the recruiting trail about some negative recruiting. It's the dead period in recruiting and the coaches are limited in their communication with recruits. Perhaps this was Ferentz talking to them through the media.

The NCAA ruled on Ohio State's case and issued a post season ban and the loss of four scholarships in addition to the five OSU previously stated they would self impose. For a complete timeline of OSU's case ESPN has that here. How does that benefit Iowa? The Hawkeyes, if they become eligible, could move up the bowl pecking order in 2012.

Hoops. Hawkeye men's hoops rolled to another easy win over another 300+ rated team. The final against the Central Arkansas Bears was 105-64 at Carver-Hawkeye Monday night. The Hawkeyes were led by Devyn Marble's 19 points and freshman Aaron White's 17. The Hawkeyes got a strong defensive performance from Matt Gatens who held Drake's leading scorer Ben Simons to five points.

Coach McCaffery said afterwards that he thought this was Iowa's most balanced effort to date. McCaffery said, "It was a focused effort. It wasn't perfect, but it was hard fought at both ends."

Up next for Iowa hoops is Boise State Thursday night at 7:30pm (CT). Boise State is 9-3 on the season and may come to Carver without their leading scorer, Anthony Drmic. Boise State is #105 in the latest kenpom rankings. Iowa is #127.

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