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SB Nation Launches Android App, People With Androids Lose Their Minds

Big news for those of you who are too hipster to buy an iPhone: SB Nation has launched its Android app, now available for download wherever apps are sold. The SB Nation app allows you to follow Storystreams at the mothership, subscribe to your favorite SB Nation sites (and BHGP, too!), and comment from your mobile phone. That means you can tell us how horribly wrong we are from virtually anywhere in the world. Good times. Good times.

SB Nation's crack tech team (we mean that literally; dudes are on all kinds of crack) have been working out the bugs for a few days now, and there will likely be updates in the next couple of days to address continuing issues. We know this app has been a long time coming, especially given that there have been two different iterations of the iPhone app in the interim, and so we wanted to get it posted as soon as possible. We have nothing to do with the development or distribution of this thing, but when you're frustrated by delays, just remember that it could be worse: Penn State's apparently conducting their coaching search not with Android-enabled smart phones, not even with landlines, but with carrier pigeons and coconuts.