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Gone Baby Gone: Marcus Grant Breaks Up With Us on Twitter


A bit of news from last night: Freshman wide receiver Marcus Grant, whose Twitter account had been dormant since his high school graduation day last May, notified us that he's decided to leave the program. Grant was a three-star recruit from the Boston area last season who chose Iowa over offers from Boston College, UConn, and Syracuse, so there may be some opportunities closer to home if he indeed is transferring for family reasons. He played sparingly in his freshman year (1 reception, 12 yards) and wasn't scheduled to contribute on a grander scale for another couple of seasons. Grant is the third member of the Class of 2011 to leave the program -- defensive end John Raymond left in September under similar circumstances (Raymon was from the Philadelphia area and got homesick), and Rodney Coe was unable to qualify and left for Iowa Western C.C. -- which, coming off massive attrition in the classes of 2008 and 2009, is a troubling number for a class that Iowa desperately needs on the field. It's yet another out-of-state skill position player who played as a true freshman leaving early, but he's not exactly leaving the program in a lurch and we trust that it really is a family/location issue (as is somewhat typical for New England recruits at Iowa). We wish him the best in his future endeavors.