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Iowa vs. Central Arkansas Basketball LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

Why, it seems like just yesterday we were open threading a basketball game... (Okay, it was Saturday. Still, games are coming fast and furious after the week-plus break for finals.) Tonight Iowa entertains Central Arkansas, probably best known* for having a rather... unique-looking football field. The Bears aren't very good -- they're 5-4 and check in at 311th in the latest KenPom ratings, but then again neither was former Iowa vanquisher Campbell (the Fightin' Camels check in at a sunny 207th right now, in fact). They did win five in a row before dropping their last game to Arkansas State. As this season has rudely reminded us, Iowa still isn't good enough to be able to overlook, well, anyone just yet. Hopefully the Hawkeyes can build off the generally strong showing they had in the Drake win on Saturday and dispatch the Bears with ease tonight.

* Actually, this is a total lie: they're best known for being the alma mater of Scottie Pippen, who was/is my second favorite basketball player of all-time. Thank God this year's Bears don't have anyone that good on their team.

The game tips off at 7pm CT and is sadly not on BTN proper -- as with many past games, it's only available via and Hawkeye All Access. Although if you're in Iowa and have Mediacom, the game will be televised on the Mediacom Connections 22 channel. Otherwise, it's available on radio from the usual sources: the Hawkeye Radio Network (check your local listings) and Hawkeye All Access on the interwebs.

This thread can also be your Hamsterdam thread for the evening; there's a rare decent-looking Monday Night Football game (Pittsburgh @ San Francisco) with significant playoff implications, and doubtless plenty of other college basketball games on the ESPNs and hockey on various other channels. Not to mention all the standard Monday-night programming.

The standard open threading rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no slurs, no porn, no religion, no politics, no douchebaggery.