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Fran-Graphs, Clemson


This about sums it up:

  • Clemson: 28-54 FG, 11-21 3PT, 4-7 FT, 62.0% effective field goal percentage
  • Iowa: 16-56 FG, 3-11 3PT, 20-22 FT, 31.3% effective field goal percentage
Iowa decisively won the free throw battle and had fewer turnovers, but nothing matters all that much when you can't shoot. And given Iowa's defense seems in the habit of giving up +60% eFG numbers to opposing teams (this is four straight games at that stratospheric level for Hawkeye opponents), their only chance of winning is to at least stay in the general realm of decent shooting. And it's not like Iowa is not getting at least decent looks or facing all-time great defense. They just can't seem to throw a rock in the ocean these days. Such a collective loss of a basic basketball skill is baffling and, hopefully, temporary. Until it does, be forewarned: falling rocks (and losses) ahead.