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Separated at birth?

I can't tell what I like most about this game. The fact that Campbell really are The Fightin(g) Camels? The fact that their logo bears an uncanny resemblance to former cigarette pitchman extraordinaire Joe Camel? The fact that their old alternate logo depicts an even more surly camel? The fact that their mascot appears to be either perpetually pissed off or totally strung out? Or that his name is Gaylord? (Seriously!) It's a pre-Thanksgiving bounty of awesomeness, friends.

Anyway, the Campbell hoopyballers are 4-0, with two of those wins coming over teams Iowa's also faced (North Carolina A&T and Chicago State). Like Iowa, they put a pretty good beatdown on NC A&T (94-66), but they struggled with Chicago State (75-69), which is weird because Chicago State looked like one of the worst D-I basketball teams I've ever seen when they played Iowa. The KenPom ratings have Campbell at #203, so while they're not the spectacular tire fires that Iowa's other, non-Creighton foes have been, they're not exactly big time. This should -- emphasis on should -- be a nice rebound game for Iowa after the Creighton massacre on Sunday. Let's hope that's the case.

Game is on and Hawkeye All-Access ($$$) at 7pm CT.

The standard open threading rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no politics, no religion, no slurs, and suchlike. It's almost Thanksgiving: let's all be cool.