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POLL: What One Play Defines Iowa Football?

Perhaps a break from all the angst of last weekend and the anxiety over this coming weekend would do us a bit of good, eh? So, in that light, why not a bit of reflection on what single play -- not season, not game, not series, but single, solitary play -- most completely and fully defines Iowa football for you? I got the idea from this post by ESPN's Big 12 blogger, David Ubben, who made an off-hand comment about Michael Crabtree's game-winning catch against Texas three years ago perfectly summing up and defining Texas Tech football. That seemed like a dead-on summary of Texas Tech football, which got me thinking: what would that play be for Iowa football?

So to the polls we go. Let me preface this by saying that the choices are exclusively from the last 30 years; I simply can't speak with any authority about highlights from further back than that, so if you feel strongly that I omitted something utterly legendary from Evy's reign or from the Kinnick days, feel free to select "Other" and tout your choice in the comments. We could all do with a bit of nostalgia these days.