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VIDEO: A Walk Down Iowa-Purdue Memory Lane

Videos?  Videos.

1997 (yeah, the sound isn't quite in sync)


  • Ah, 1997 Iowa.  So much talent, so much inconsistency.
  • (0:38) EXOTIC!
  • (0:54) Iowa just ran a straight option play with Randy Reiners.  No, seriously.
  • (1:20) Your periodic reminder that Tavian Banks was very good at football.
  • (1:40) Hayden goes for it on 4th and 4 from the Purdue 43.  I love it -- the Iowa offense was rolling at that point, so why not go for the kill-shot?  (The color commentator, predictably, does not agree.)
  • (2:00) That's a pretty funky formation.
  • (2:16) Timmy effing Dwight.  Iowa had run a variation on this play earlier where Dwight threw the ball, so having him keep the ball and run with it (never a bad idea, given his speed and shiftiness) was a lovely twist.
  • (2:47) One, Jared DeVries was very good.  Two, oh, espn2 and your love of lower-case font.

  • (0:45) Oh, good special teams.  How I miss you so.
  • (1:45)  Rinse, repeat.
  • (2:15) Dallas Clark.  95 yards.  Unbelievable.
  • (3:53) Dallas Clark.  Again.
  • (4:50) The greatest moment of Adolphus Shelton's Iowa career.
  • Seriously, that Iowa won this game made no logical sense then and barely makes logical sense now.  Utter insanity.
And if you just want to watch Shonn Greene wreck fools: