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Iowa's trek through the dregs of college hoops continues with a home game against Northern Illinois this week. Fortunately this is the basketball Huskies (who are terrible) and not the football Huskies (who are not). I would not like to see the Iowa defense try to contain Chandler Harnish. (Then again, it's not like Devon Archie and Andrew Brommer would do that much worse than the Iowa football defense likely would...) The Huskies check in at #330 in the most recent KenPom ratings, placing them inbetween Iowa's earlier opponents this season, Chicago State (#344) and North Carolina A&T (#290). So yeah: they're not good. Iowa should have a good chance at scoring 90+ points yet again.

The game is at 7pm CT and is once again only available only as an internet stream on or Hawkeye All-Access ($$$). (Sunday's game against Creighton is BTN proper, so huzzah for that.)

This can also serve as your open thread for the evening; there's New York-Denver on the NFL Network, Virginia Tech-North Carolina on ESPN, MACtion on one of the other ESPNs, plus more hockey and college basketball than you can shake a stick at on various other channels. Oh, and whatever other Thursday night viewing you dig.

The standard open threading rules are in effect, as always: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no politics, no religion, no slurs, and no douchebaggery.