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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To it: Ferentz Updates on Fiedorowicz, McCall and Davis

Tuesday means Coach Ferentz's press conference. If you missed it and want to read the transcript, you can here. Or, even better, you can watch Ferentz via Youtube, thanks to Marc Morehouse.

Not a ton of information. Fiedorowicz is "fine." Ferentz is still "hoping" to use McCall. Keenan Davis was "doing well Sunday" and should be able to play against Purdue. We've heard that about Davis before. The week prior to Minnesota, Davis was said to be practicing and a game time decision. Coach Eric Campbell, on Wednesday night's Hawk Talk of Minnesota week, even said Davis would be fine. Like with any week, we truly won't find out until the team runs out on the field.

About McCall, Pat Harty believes that Ferentz should keep him on the sideline and call this a red shirt year. Harty has a valid point, with three games left why put McCall in the game for a handful of carries? Then again, with Iowa's history at the running back position thanks to AIRBHG there is no guarantee that McCall will be around for four more years. 

Morehouse also grabbed video interviews with Zusevics, Prater, Coker, Vandenberg, Binns, McNutt, Daniels and Tanner Miller. Morehouse grilled them on injuries and if they would fake it. 

Speaking of faking injuries, one Patriots blogger has a play-by-play break down of Jerel Worthy's game against Iowa. The NEPatriotsdraft blog thinks Worthy is a Top 20 draft pick. That is when he isn't on the sidelines sucking wind.

If you are worried about Ferentz bolting for Penn State (and you shouldn't), the Des Moines Register's Randy Peterson writes that Ferentz isn't aware of contact from PSU. Penn State, according to the New York Times, began searching for a replacement for Joe Paterno.

The Hawkeyes have had problems on special teams the last couple of seasons. HPP's Mike Jones looks into Iowa's problems and asks "would hiring a full time special teams coach solve all of our problems?" After peering into stats and viewing the Top 15 Mike determined that one coach designated to coach ST's isn't the answer. 


TitoHawk, at High Porch Picnic, takes a deeper look into Iowa basketball's numbers versus NCA&T. I wasn't a math major so this stuff is beyond me. Tito says "Iowa was just fouling more" in the second half. Tired legs or lack of focus maybe?

Aaron White followed up his Hawkeye double-double debut with two points and four rebounds against North Carolina A&T. John Bohnenkamp writes that White is finding out about life as a freshman in college basketball.

Looking forward. Iowa's opponent Thursday night, Northern Illinois, is 0-2 on the season. The Huskies opened the season with a loss at Purdue (96-34) and lost to Milwaukee (59-57) on Monday. 

Iowa is 5-0 all-time against Northern Illinois. Per the game notes NIU has made five three pointers this year and turned the ball over 51 times. Their roster includes eight freshman and only four upperclassmen. 

The Hawkeyes may be without senior Andrew Brommer. Coach Fran McCaffery said Brommer is a game time decision for Thursday night's game. 

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