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VIDEO: A Walk Down Iowa-Michigan State Memory Lane

Is it time for some YouTube videos spotlighting past Iowa-Michigan State games?  You're damn right it's time for that.  So without further ado...

From our old friend The Hawkeye Historian:


  • It's certainly not just an ABC/ESPN thing: CBS loves the random combine/cornfield shot, too.
  • Seeing Hayden with dark hair is almost as weird as Ferentz with dark hair.
  • That CBS Sports opening graphic was boss and I don't care what you say.
  • Chuck Long: so damn good.
  • (2:31) Those male cheerleader shorts are a little too snug.
  • Neckrolls and tearaway jerseys... those were the days.
  • (4:09) Well, Lorenzo White had himself quite a game.
  • Pretty sure Ricky Stanzi would have loved throwing the ball to Mike Flagg.
  • NAKED EFFING BOOTLEG!  Sadly, holding the ball out like that might (probably?) have been a penalty now.

From our new friend HawkeyeFan123:


  • Tom Busch touchdown?!
  • Drew Tate doing all kinds of Drew Tate things: scrambling around in the pocket, finding receivers open downfield, throwing some pin-point passes.  I loved watching him so damn much.
  • (3:20) Probably the last good Jermelle Lewis highlight in an Iowa uniform.  Sigh.
  • Ah, the 2004 defense... yeah, they weren't too shabby.  I miss having a defensive line that could rush the passer like that.  Or actually tackle.

And just in case you want some recent history

2009 (via Hawkeyeshawn1234)

2010 (via ManBearPigJake)

And if you just want the good stuff from 2009:

(via wizeditor

I love Dolph and Eddie, but "TOUCHDOWN!  TOUCHDOWN IOWA" doesn't compare to "SEVEN GOT SIX!"

Sad Sparty fan will never, ever get old, though.