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VIDEO: A Walk Down Iowa-Indiana Memory Lane (1982)

Not a ton of options for Iowa-Indiana week, unless you want to dredge up the painful recent past (2010) or the schizophrenic recent past (2009).  Fortunately, our old friend The Hawkeye Historian dug deep into the archives and pulled out a 1982 game featuring the Hawkeyes and the Hoosiers.  Let's take a gander at it, shall we?

A few thoughts...

  • Lee Corso!  In a track suit!
  • Stand-up tight ends!  That never fails to get a smile out of me.
  • Chuck Long running the option!  If Chuck could run the option, I think any Iowa QB could.
  • Big, big sleeves, just flapping in the wind.
  • Larry Station was a beast in the middle of the Iowa defense.
  • Eddie Phillips and Norm Granger were quite a potent running back combination in this game.
  • 5:20 -- More like Babe LOLfenberg.
  • Aviators, white pants, lady-slaying 'stache... yeah, this was Hayden at his peak.
  • Reggie Roby had a punt blocked?!  BLASPHEMY.
  • That was some high-quality goalline defense by Iowa.  I think Indiana might have had a negative red zone scoring percentage for this game.
  • Those camera angles for field goals and extra points are awful. 
  • J.C. Love Jordan?!  What a fantastic name.
  • What a tackle by #22 for Iowa at the end of the game.

And, what the hell, what's Indiana week without a look at Tyler Sash's amazing pinball pick-six?