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A.J. Derby Really Doesn't Like This Bus Window, Arrested for Trying to Get Rid of It

According to Kathleen Serino at The Gazette, Iowa backup quarterback A.J. Derby was arrested last night for public intoxication and fourth degree criminal mischief after an incident late last night in which Derby punched a bus window:

Deputies were dispatched to 4916 Walleye Dr. SE where reports were made of an uninvited, intoxicated male who had punched out a bus window as he was exiting it.

Alexander John Derby, 20, of 2650 First Ave. in Coralville, admitted to punching the window, deputies said, and said he would pay for it.

The property deputies said he intentionally damaged will cost between $200 and $500 to replace.

According to reports, Derby registered .120 in a preliminary breath test.

The only thing we really know is that this wasn't a city or UI bus.  4916 Walleye Drive Southeast is a non-address, but it is across the street from the Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon, off the Herbert Hoover Highway exit of I-80 (hence the deputies and not Iowa City police).  The story is unclear as to whether Derby was an uninvited bus rider and punched the window when he was thrown off or if he rode the bus to the address and punched the window when exiting, and was merely an uninvited guest of the establishment making the phone call.  Derby just turned 20 last week, so it's surely not out of the question that he would be formally "uninvited" to an establishment that served alcohol once the cops were dispatched.  It's also entirely possible that Derby tried to hitch a ride out of the saloon with a party bus and, when rebuffed, took it out on a particularly offensive window.  

Regardless of the facts, it will likely result in a one-game suspension unless the window used an offensive epithet toward Derby (that Clayborn tweet wins the Internet today).  It's also the second time in three years that one of the Derby boys got drunk and fucked shit up, though A.J. had a long way to go to catch Zach's BAC level from ParkingGarageGate-Gate in June 2009.  That was some Jedi drunkenness.