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DJK's Excellent CFL Adventure Begins

We've spent a lot of time wondering if Derrell Johnson-Koulianos would get a shot with an NFL team, why he didn't get drafted, and what would happen next for Iowa's all-time leading receiver.  The answers to those questions are: not yet, no idea, and the CFL.  Per the man himself:


I'm going to choose to believe that "corncern" [sic] is a nod to his Iowa days.  

But yes: DJK is headed to a professional football league -- it's just a little bit farther north than we anticipated, on a bigger field, and with a few different rules.  (That whole three down thing is going to be hell for his "Mr. Third Down" moniker.)  He becomes the third former Hawkeye to ply his trade north of the border, joining Drew Tate (currently with the Calgary Stampeders and getting ready to make his first career start on Friday) and Jovon Johnson (with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and a reputation as a playmaker).  He's joining the Montreal Alouettes, currently first place in the CFL's East Division.  Hopefully he can stick with them and this will turn into the first step on a journey that will take him to the NFL.  Best of luck, DJK, and just remember: back bacon is delish.

(P.S. if any Alouettes fans are searching for more intel on DJK, might I suggest this post.)