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While Iowa prepares for their most difficult challenge yet -- the dreaded bye week -- we turn our attention to the rest of the college football world.  On tap this morning: 

* Northwestern at Illinois (11am, ESPN2)
* Minnesota at Michigan (11am, BTN)
* Penn State at Indiana (11am, ESPNU)
* Texas A&M at Arkansas (11am, ESPN)
* Air Force at Navy (11am, CBS)
* Texas Tech at Kansas (11am, FSN)
* Mississippi State at Georgia (11am,, random regional sports channels)
* Kentucky at LSU (11am, random regional sports channels)
* Rutgers at Syracuse (11am, random regional sports channels)

Will the return of PERSASTRONG be enough to topple to the heretofore unstoppable juggernaut that is The Fightin' Zookers?  Can Minnesota rebound from yet another crushing defeat to a Dakota school?  Will Indiana forfeit the rest of the football season?  Tune in and find out, true believers.  The usual rules of open threading apply, as always.