This is mainly so I don't hijack other non-Stanzi threads to post about Stanzi, which I will be doing lots of leading up to the draft.

Links to stories about Stanzi, pictures of Stanzi, discussion of Stanzi, etc.

Fucking Todd McShay says teams shouldn't draft Stanzi thinking they'll turn him into a future starter. Bullshit.

Wes Bunting thinks otherwise, says he has starting potential in the NFL and can be had for a bargain in the mid rounds.

Stanzi, Kaepernick, and Locker interviewed on the NFL Network. Goddamn he looks fine. Talks about what he did to improve his INT stats this year. Also discusses how difficult the transition is coming from a familiar offense to one in the Senior Bowl.

And okay, PackerHawk. Seeing Kaepernick speak, I admit he's a little cute. He doesn't make my heart drop like Stanzi, but he's cute.

I am now offering a high reward for pics of Stanzi at the weigh-in. All I can find is that fat dude and Tebow from last year.

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