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Hey! Watch The Team That's Not A Mess: Iowa vs. Penn State Basketball Open Thread

The Iowa hoopyballers are back in action tonight, trying to build on their impressive win over Indiana on Sunday with a road win over a fiesty Penn State team. The game's in Happy Valley and, so far as we know, Talor Battle is healthy and expected to play and not suffering from "brown wizz" or anything, so it could be a tall order for a young Iowa team not renowned for their play on the road or their consistency in general. But you never know.

Game's on BTN at 5:30pm CST (yes, another really early start-time). The usual rules of open threads apply -- no porn, no piracy, no pugilism, etc. Don't be a jackass and it should be smooth sailing. Let's win one for the Biff, so far the only person even tangentially associated with Iowa athletics to come across as competent.