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Iowa basketball's facing Ohio State tonight, and in case you hadn't heard, Ohio State is undefeated and ranked number one. Iowa, meanwhile, is facing its worst conference start in program history. So this game probably isn't going to be competitive.

More importantly, though, today marks the 18th anniversary of Chris Street's death. Street was killed when he pulled in front of a snow plow after misjudging ts proximity (the headlights were closer together, which hardly seems wise). The death rocked the Iowa community, and I firmly believe it changed Dr. Tom. Not for "better" or for "worse," but the loss had to have affected him almost to the extent of losing a son.

I live in Indianola, and the town still remembers him on a daily basis. His name is on the high school gymnasium, he has a park named after him with a giant sign on the busiest street in town, hell, his picture is above the counter at the post office. No offense to Casey Blake, but Chris Street will always be that favorite son of Indianola, and for good reason: he was a good kid.

So a quick moment of reflection, if you would, would be appropriate today. Doesn't have to be here, doesn't have to be a comment you have to leave before you can tell any jokes or anything like that. Just give it a bit of thought, and drive safely. That means putting the cell phone down. Seriously, let's please do that.

At any rate, here's our game thread. Game's on the BTN, as always, and it probably won't be close for very long. But it might be. We'll see.