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Michigan Hires Brady Hoke; AD Dave Brandon Begins PR Campaign

Unless you've been hiding in a cave since yesterday afternoon, you've probably heard that the University of Michigan has hired former Ball State and San Diego State coach Brady Hoke as the 19th Wolverine head football coach.  This happened after Big Blue AD Dave Brandon was publicly rebuffed by Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and LSU coach Les Miles.

Suffice it to say, the natives aren't taking the news too well.  MGoBlog calls it "a stupid hire" and claims, "Dave Brandon just led the worst coaching search in the history of Michigan football" (which, given the fact that Michigan had two head coaches in 1891, seems highly unlikely).  Maize n Brew says, "the more I see, hear, and read about Michigan's abortive coaching search, the more disgusted I become."  Things are not good in this fanbase, this fanbase which has endured two losing seasons and the worst 7-6 season imaginable under the prior coach and which appears to be on the verge of open revolt.

Unlike former AD Bill Martin, who was clueless to public perception and really enjoyed boating, Dave Brandon understands public relations.  As the former CEO of Domino's, he gets that perception is very much reality.  He also has his ear to the ground in Ann Arbor, and realizes he'll have to sell this Plan C hire to the masses if he has any chance of keeping his (and Hoke's) job.  Brandon started his charm offensive this morning in the best way he knew how: Advertising.  Sell it, Mr. Brandon.  Sell that pepperoni.