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BHGP Bowl Pick Em Final Standings

Au revoir, bowl season.  As we bid you adieu and look ahead to next year, let us take a moment to reflect on the winners (and losers) of this here bowl pick 'em.

1. MenverHawk 25/35 -- 477 pts
2. tuck and roll 24/35 -- 474 pts
3. Stanziballs for all 24/35 -- 456 pts
4. Settles' Achy Back 23/35 -- 455 pts
5. Ooh that's a big lock (HECow) 23/35 -- 455 pts
6. @PlannedSickDays 27/35 -- 453 pts
7. Tundra Wookies 25/35 -- 452 pts
8. Yellow Mustard 22/35 -- 452 pts
9. CUNKNNK 23/35 -- 451 pts
10. HawKCP 22/35 -- 449 pts

Congrats to MenverHawk for landing in first place by edging out tuck and rollMenverHawk actually had the win locked down even before Monday night's game -- which is good, because he was a doomed Duck supporter.  A special tip of the hat to @PlannedSickDays, too, who managed to correctly predict the outcome of more games than anyone else (27), but screwed the pooch with his confidence picks (damn you, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Georgia...).  Regular season champion Bell Biv DeVries landed in 55th place (21/35, 406 pts); clearly the lack of spread picks did him no favors.

MenverHawk, shoot us an email to one of the addresses at the bottom of the page and we'll get you hooked up with a BHGP shirt of your choice to celebrate your brilliance.

Most of your fearless leadership didn't fare so well:

 5. Ooh that's a big lock (HECow) 23/35 -- 455 pts
65. StoopsMyAss (SMA) -- 22/35 -- 399 pts
121. The Mandenberg Explosion (me) 19/35 -- 374 pts
185. High Porch Picnic In My Pants (HFMR) -- 20/35 -- 348 pts

And, finally, a shoutout to some of the better names in the competition this year:

  • 4th and Christensen
  • Hamms Across America (which really needs a pic of Jon Hamm in the avatar)
  • Black Heart Brown Streak Pants (not to be confused with goldpantsbrownstreaks)
  • Luke SkyRecker (Star Wars + early 00s Iowa hoops = win)
  • cockjuggling_thundercunts (just... wow)
  • I Miss Math Roth (who doesn't?)
  • Et Tu Herky? (we're always a fan of references to the classics)
  • Micah Hyde... please don't suck (done and done, I'd say)
  • Hkobb7's 99.9% Awesomeness (more like 57.1% meh-ness)
  • PakiLeaks (fantastic)
  • I Hate Purdue? (don't question it; just embrace the hate)
  • WIN PLAY TRY paper or plastic? (PLAY4BREW is gone but never forgotten)
  • The Herky and Mary Chain (Iowa + 80s/90s alt-rock?  Yessir.)