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It's pretty clear which way we're siding in this one.  The Pac-10 has been our conference brothers-in-arms for decades, while the events of January 1 only strengthened the SEC's grip on its "Most Hated Rival" status in our eyes.  SMA also gave you ten good reasons to root against Auburn the other day.  On the other hand, if you just want to marvel at Cam Newton, who is like a mash-up of Brad Banks and Shonn Greene -- only bigger, stronger, and faster  -- well, I can't really fault that, either.  There's a chance that he puts on a championship game performance that's on par with Vince Young's heroics in the 2006 Rose Bowl and it just feels kind of wrong to root against that.  Regardless of how you feel about his shady past or the tomfoolery that (allegedly) got him into an Auburn uniform, watching him perform on the field is a singular pleasure.  Or just root for an entertaining game; we really haven't had a "really good" (let alone classic) title game since the aforementioned Night Vince Young Took Over The Universe.

If friendly wagers are your thing, EDSBS can hook you up with a few choice prop bets for the game.  And if you want to booze it up, well, the Brent Musberger Drinking Game is just the thing for you (warning: not recommended for people who want to remain friendly with their liver and other bodily organs).

The usual rules of open threading apply -- no porn, no piracy, no slurs at one another, etc.  If you post a pic, put some text in the subject line so that people can hide it if they so choose.  The game's on ESPN at 8:40 EST (roughly); pregame is on now.  Game on.